Edvard Munch

Release Date:
Nov 12, 1974
Running Time:
Peter Watkins
Geir Westby Edvard Munch
Gro Fraas Fru Heiberg
Johan Halsborg Dr. Christian Munch - 1884
Lotte Teig Aunt Karen Bjølstad - 1884
Gro Jarto Laura Catherine Munch - 1884
Rachel Pedersen Inger Munch - 1884
Berit Rytter Hasle Laura Munch - 1884
Gunnar Skjetne Peter Andreas Munch - 1884
Kare Stormark Hans Jæger
Iselin Bast Dagny Juell
Eli Ryg Oda Lasson
Alf Kare Strindberg August Strindberg
Peter Watkins

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Edvard Munch

This intimate docudrama reveals the life of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, the Expressionist best known for his iconic painting ''The Scream.'' Munch's childhood is overshadowed by death:he suffers the loss of his sister and mother, while enduring serious illness himself, almost dying. At university, Munch discovers his talent as a painter. As he immerses himself in the art world, he becomes part of a cultural revolution lead by the likes of nihilist Hans Jæger .

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