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Early Summer

Release Date:
Oct 3, 1951
Running Time:
YasujirĂ´ Ozu
Setsuko Hara Noriko Mamiya
Chishu Ryu Koichi Mamiya
Kuniko Miyake Fumiko Mamiya
Chikage Awashima Aya Tamura
Chieko Higashiyama Shige Mamiya
Kuniko Igawa Takako
Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi Kenkichi Yabe

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Early Summer

Noriko lives in postwar Tokyo with her extended family. Although she enjoys her career and her friends, her more traditionally minded family worries about the fact that she's still single at the advanced age of 28. When 40-year-old business associate Takako proposes marriage, Noriko's family press her into accepting. But when her widowed childhood friend Kenkichi returns to the neighborhood, she finds her heart leading in another direction.

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