Sopa de Ganso

Release Date:
Nov 17, 1933
Running Time:
Leo McCarey
Groucho Marx Rufus T. Firefly
Harpo Marx Pinky
Chico Marx Chicolini
Zeppo Marx Lt. Bob Roland
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Gloria Teasdale
Raquel Torres Vera Marcal
Louis Calhern Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania
Leonid Kinskey Sylvanian Agitator (as Leonid Kinsky)
Charles Middleton Prosecutor (as Charles B. Middleton)
Edgar Kennedy Lemonade Vendor
Herman J. Mankiewicz

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Sopa de Ganso

When the tiny nation of Freedonia goes bankrupt, its wealthy benefactor, Mrs. Teasdale, insists that the wacky Rufus T. Firefly become the country's president. Sensing a weakness in leadership, the bordering nation of Sylvania sends in the spies Pinky and Chicolini to set the stage for a revolution. As Firefly clashes with the Sylvanian ambassador, plenty of mayhem ensues, and the countries verge on all-out war.

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