Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Release Date:
Dec 31, 1931
Running Time:
Rouben Mamoulian
Fredric March Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Miriam Hopkins Ivy Pearson
Rose Hobart Muriel Carew
Holmes Herbert Dr. Lanyon
Halliwell Hobbs Brig. Gen. Sir Danvers Carew
Edgar Norton Poole
Arnold Lucy Utterson
Tempe Pigott Mrs. Hawkins
Eric Wilton Briggs
Douglas Walton Student
John Rogers Music Hall Waiter
Murdock McQuarrie Dissenting Doctor
Rouben Mamoulian

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Testing his theory that in every man dwells a good and an evil force, the reserved Dr. Jekyll develops a formula that separates the two, turning him into a violent ruffian named Mr. Hyde. Thinking he has found the answer to one of life's grandest mysteries, Dr. Jekyll soon realizes he is becoming addicted to his darker self as he unleashes his violent side on earthy dance hall girl Ivy and fights Hyde to regain control of his body.

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