Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Release Date:
Aug 12, 1941
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Victor Fleming
Spencer Tracy Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Ingrid Bergman Ivy Peterson
Lana Turner Beatrix Emery
Donald Crisp Sir Charles Emery
Ian Hunter Dr. John Lanyon
Barton MacLane Sam Higgins
C. Aubrey Smith Bishop Manners
Sara Allgood Mrs. Higgins
Peter Godfrey Poole
Frederic Worlock Dr. Heath
William Tannen Intern Fenwick
Frances Robinson Marcia
Denis Green Freddie
Billy Bevan Mr. Weller
Forrester Harvey Old Prouty
Lumsden Hare Colonel Weymouth
Lawrence Grant Dr. Courtland
John Barclay Constable at Church
Doris Lloyd Mrs. Marley
Gwen Gaze Mrs. French
Hillary Brooke Mrs. Arnold
Mary Field Wife
Aubrey Mather Inspector
Victor Fleming , Victor Saville
John Lee Mahin

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Gentle Dr. Jekyll experiments with human nature, believing that each person has both good and evil sides that can be brought forth chemically. Jekyll tests a serum on himself, releasing his vicious alter ego, Mr. Hyde, on 19th-century London. Prowling the town, Hyde ventures to a music hall and encounters Ivy, whom he takes forcibly as his mistress. When the serum's effects wear off, Jekyll vows never to take it again. But Hyde is not gone for good.

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