Doobious Sources

Release Date:
Jan 20, 2017
Running Time:
Clif Lord
Jason Weissbrod Zorn Tappadapo
Jeff Lorch Reginald Block-Hunsleigh
Creagen Dow Ky Kittridge
Edward James Gage Evander Bagby
Joe Cortese Magnus Martindale
Jeffrey Doornbos Paul Gladstone
Mark Costello Blake Morgan
Mara Hall Devonda Corday
Henry LeBlanc Mayor Jessup
Kara Luiz Megan Jessup
Robert Mangiardi Detective Lange
Patrick O'Connor Ritchie Pagosi
Samuel Burton , JJ Lee , Clif Lord , Concetta Halstead
Clif Lord, Tommy Sowards
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Doobious Sources

Reg and Zorn are stoners with a mission. As self-appointed investigative journalists, they seek out local scam artists and con men and bust them for pieces they sell to the TV news. Their drive for juicy stories leads them to cut corners and fabricate the truth, so when a wealthy man they slander in one of their exposés comes looking for revenge, it takes every sleazy move in their repertoire to make it out alive.

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