District 9

Release Date:
Aug 14, 2009
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Neill Blomkamp
Sharlto Copley Wikus Van De Merwe
Jason Cope Grey Bradnam
David James Koobus Venter
Vanessa Haywood Tania Van De Merwe
Mandla Gaduka Fundiswa Mhlanga
Kenneth Nkosi Thomas
Eugene Khumbanyiwa Obesandjo
Louis Minnaar Piet Smit
William Allen Young Dirk Michaels
Marian Hooman Sandra Van De Merwe
Vittorio Leonardi Michael Bloemstein
Tim Gordon Clive Henderson
John Sumner Les Feldman
Nick Blake Francois Moraneu
Peter Jackson , Carolynne Cunningham , Ken Kamins , Bill Block
Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
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District 9

Thirty years ago, aliens arrive on Earth -- not to conquer or give aid, but -- to find refuge from their dying planet. Separated from humans in a South African area called District 9, the aliens are managed by Multi-National United, which is unconcerned with the aliens' welfare but will do anything to master their advanced technology. When a company field agent contracts a mysterious virus that begins to alter his DNA, there is only one place he can hide: District 9.

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