Quando os Jovens se Tornam Adultos

Release Date:
Apr 2, 1982
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Barry Levinson
Steve Guttenberg Edward ''Eddie'' Simmons
Mickey Rourke Robert ''Boogie'' Sheftell
Kevin Bacon Timothy Fenwick Jr.
Timothy Daly William ''Billy'' Howard
Ellen Barkin Beth Schreiber
Paul Reiser Modell
Kathryn Dowling Barbara
Michael Tucker Bagel
Jessica James Mrs. Simmons
Colette Blonigan Carol Heathrow
Kelle Kipp Diane
John Aquino Tank
Richard Pierson David Frazer
Claudia Cron Jane Chisholm
Tait Ruppert Methan
Tom V.V. Tammi Howard Fenwick
Pam Gail First Stripper
Lauren Zaganas Second Stripper
Sharon Ziman Elyse
Mark Margolis Earl Mager
Ralph Tabakin TV Customer
Frank Stoegerer TV Director
Nat Benchley Technical Director
Frank Hennessy Audio Man
Marvin Hunter Newscaster
Steve Smith Announcer
Lee Case Mr. Howard
Clement Fowler Mr. Simmons
Jerry Weintraub , Mark Johnson
Barry Levinson

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Quando os Jovens se Tornam Adultos

Billy returns home to Baltimore to serve as the best man at his upcoming wedding of his childhood buddy Eddie . In the meantime, he and Eddie get together with their friends at the local diner, where they trade stories about their lives. All they really want to do is go back to being the carefree boys they once were, but they know it cannot be. Their funny and at times revealing exchanges help each other face the mounting responsibility of adulthood.

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