Destination Tokyo

Release Date:
Dec 31, 1943
Running Time:
Delmer Daves
Cary Grant Capt. Cassidy
John Garfield Wolf
Alan Hale 'Cookie' Wainwright
John Ridgely Reserve Officer Raymond
Dane Clark Tin Can
Warner Anderson Andy
William Prince Pills
Robert Hutton Tommy Adams
Tom Tully Mike Conners
Faye Emerson Mrs. Cassidy
Peter Whitney Dakota
Warren Douglas Larry
John Forsythe Sparks
John Alvin Sound Man
Jerry Wald , Jack L. Warner
Delmer Daves, Albert Maltz

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Destination Tokyo

Captain Cassidy is in charge of a submarine on a mission so secret even he doesn't know what it is until his ship departs San Francisco and he opens his sealed orders. His task -- to pick up a meteorologist and travel to the coast of Japan to gather weather information for the Doolittle Raid, the first air strike on Tokyo. Along the way they fight to elude detection from Japanese ships and eventually face off against an enemy aircraft carrier.

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