Deep Crimson

Release Date:
Oct 6, 1997
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Arturo Ripstein
Daniel Giménez Cacho Nicolás Estrella
Regina Orozco Coral Fabre
Marisa Paredes Irene Gallardo
Verónica Merchant Rebeca Sanpedro
Julieta Egurrola Juanita Norton
Rosa Furman Srita. Silberman
Bianca Fiorido Mercedes
Rene Pereyra Iduarte
Sherlyn Teresa
Giovanni Fiorido Carlitos
Patricia Reyes Spíndola Sra. Ruelas
Tita Lombardo , Pablo Barbachano , Marin Karmitz , José María Morales , Miguel Necoechea
Paz Alicia Garciadiego

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Deep Crimson

Coral is a lonely nurse who is desperate for love. She finds it in Nicolas, a mysterious drifter who is known for using women to get what he wants. Nicolas doesn't love Coral, but he happily lets her think he does so he can use her as part of his con. Working together, the two travel the country, finding lonely, rich women for Nicolas to seduce, rob and eventually murder. The film is based on the shocking true story of ''The Lonely Hearts Killers.''

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