Death by Hanging

The Hanging
Release Date:
Dec 8, 1971
Running Time:
Nagisa Ôshima
Kei Satô Prison warden
Fumio Watanabe Education Officer
Toshirô Ishido Priest
Masao Adachi Chief of guards
Do-yun Yu The convict
Akiko Koyama Korean woman
Masayuki Hoshi
Yuki Osaka
Shizui Sato Guard
Akiko Terayima
Rokko Toura Doctor
Takashi Ueno Guard
Takao Usui
Masao Matsuda Secretary of the D.A
Nagisa Ôshima Narrator
Daiji Ozeki
Keiko Sakurai
Kurumi Suzuki
Michinori Fukao, Nagisa Ôshima, Mamoru Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura

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Death by Hanging

In Japan, a young Korean man rapes and kills two girls and is then sentenced to hang. But this punishment has no effect on the culprit other than amnesia, leaving the prison warden and chief of guards stunned. The lawmen decide that they must show the convict why they're taking his life, so, with the help of their underlings, they begin to act out the prisoner's crimes. But they enjoy stepping into his shoes, which further complicates things.

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