Days of Wine and Roses

Release Date:
Dec 26, 1962
Running Time:
Blake Edwards
Jack Lemmon Joe Clay
Lee Remick Kirsten Arnesen Clay
Charles Bickford Ellis Arnesen
Jack Klugman Jim Hungerford
Alan Hewitt Rad Leland
Tom Palmer Ballefoy
Debbie Megowan Debbie Clay
Maxine Stuart Dottie
Katherine Squire Mrs. Nolan (uncredited)
Jack Albertson Trayner
Ken Lynch Liquor Store Proprietor
Gail Bonney Gladys, the Cleaning Lady (uncredited)
Martin Manulis
J.P. Miller

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Days of Wine and Roses

Joe Clay is a rising young public relations executive when he meets Kirsten Arnesen, a pretty secretary, at a business party. Joe and Kirsten are both ambitious, and they are on the road to success when they fall in love and marry. Soon after, however, Joe coaxes Kirsten to begin drinking with him on a regular basis. Eventually, they are both dependent on alcohol. Their marriage deteriorates, and their lives spiral into disaster, as a result.

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