David e Betsabá

Release Date:
Aug 10, 1951
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Henry King
Gregory Peck King David
Susan Hayward Bathsheba
Raymond Massey Nathan
Kieron Moore Uriah
James Robertson Justice Abishai
Jayne Meadows Michal
John Sutton Ira
Dennis Hoey Joab
Walter Talun Goliath (uncredited)
Paula Morgan Adultress (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman King Saul (uncredited)
Teddy Infuhr Jonathan as a Boy (uncredited)
Gwen Verdon Specialty Dancer (uncredited)
Lumsden Hare Old Shepherd (uncredited)
George Zucco Egyptian Ambassador (uncredited)
Darryl F. Zanuck
Philip Dunne

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David e Betsabá

King David and the beautiful Bathsheba's adulterous love risks David his throne, country and even the wrath of God. Told in occasional flashback, the film sees him conquer Goliath and lead his armies to victory before the prophet Nathan brings the word of Jehovah and His judgment, which sees David atone for his sins.

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