Dark Victory

Release Date:
Apr 20, 1939
Running Time:
Edmund Goulding
Bette Davis Judith Traherne
George Brent Dr. Frederick Steele
Humphrey Bogart Michael O'Leary
Geraldine Fitzgerald Ann King
Ronald Reagan Alec Hamm
Cora Witherspoon Carrie
Henry Travers Dr. Parsons
Virginia Brissac Martha, housekeeper
Dorothy Peterson Miss Wainwright
Charles Richman Col. Mantle
Herbert Rawlinson Dr. Carter
Leonard Mudie Dr. Driscoll
Fay Helm Miss Dodd
Hal B. Wallis
George Emerson Brewer Jr., Bertram Bloch, Casey Robinson

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Dark Victory

Socialite Judith Traherne lives a lavish but emotionally empty life. Riding horses is one of her few joys, and her stable master is secretly in love with her. Told she has a brain tumor by her doctor, Frederick Steele, Judith becomes distraught. After she decides to have surgery to remove the tumor, Judith realizes she is in love with Dr. Steele, but more troubling medical news may sabotage her new relationship, and her second chance at life.

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