Dark Journey

Release Date:
Jul 2, 1937
Running Time:
Victor Saville
Conrad Veidt Baron Karl Von Marwitz
Vivien Leigh Madeleine Goddard
Anthony Bushell Bob Carter
Joan Gardner Lupita
Ursula Jeans Gertrude
Eliot Makeham Anatole Bergen
Margery Pickard Colette
Austin Trevor Dr. Muller
Sam Livesey Schaffer
Cecil Parker Captain of Q-Boat
Edmund Willard Chief of German Intelligence
Charles Carson Head of Fifth Bureau
William Dewhurst The Killer
Henry Oscar Swedish Magistrate
Reginald Tate Mate of Q-Boat
Robert Newton Officer of U-Boat
Phil Ray Faber
Lawrence Hanray Cottin
Percy Walsh Captain of Swedish Packet
Laidman Browne Rugge
Martin Harvey Bohlau
Anthony Holles Dutchman
Alexander Korda

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Dark Journey

World War I is raging, but Swedish store clerk Madeleine Goddard has not aligned herself with either side. When she meets German soldier Karl Von Marwitz, she falls in love. Karl, who presents as a footman of low rank, is in fact a high-ranking official in the German army. Madeleine has secrets of her own -- she is a spy, working for the Allies. As Madeleine and Karl are pulled deeper into the war, their love may be the thing that saves their lives.

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