Bleu sombre

Release Date:
Feb 21, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama,Thriller
Ron Shelton
Kurt Russell Eldon Perry
Brendan Gleeson Jack Van Meter
Scott Speedman Bobby Keough
Michael Michele Beth Williamson
Lolita Davidovich Sally Perry
Ving Rhames Arthur Holland
Dash Mihok Gary Sidwell
Kurupt Darryl Orchard
Khandi Alexander Janelle Holland
Master P Maniac
Caldecot Chubb , David Blocker , James Jacks , Sean Daniel , Moritz Borman , Guy East , Nigel Sinclair , Barry Peterson
David Ayer, James Ellroy
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Bleu sombre

Set in the Los Angeles Police Department in 1992, ``Dark Blue'' is a thriller that takes place just days before the acquittal of four white officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King and the subsequent L.A. riots. In this racially charged climate, the LAPD's elite Special Investigations Squad is assigned a quadruple homicide. As they work the case, detective Eldon, tutors SIS rookie Bobby in the realities of police intimidation and corruption.

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