Dancehall Queen

Release Date:
Oct 10, 1997
Running Time:
Rick Elgood, Don Letts
Audrey Reid Marcia
Paul Campbell Priest
Pauline Stone-Myrie
Cherine Anderson Tanya
Mark Danvers Junior
Anika Grason Tasha
Donald Thompson
Patrice Harrison
Henry Brown
Carl Bradshaw Police officer #1
Michael London Police officer #2
Owen Ellis
Leopold Taylor
Sandra Isaacs
Paulette Grant
Chevelle Franklyn
Beenie Man Himself
Lady Shaw Herself
Anthony B
Chris Blackwell , Carl Bradshaw , Carolyn Pfeiffer
Suzanne Fenn, Don Letts, Ed Wallace

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Dancehall Queen

Marcia has a tough life in Kingston, Jamaica, where she's the sole provider for her teenage daughter, Tanya . Her business as a street vendor is threatened by thug Priest, and Marcia makes matters worse when she accepts money from Larry, who has eyes for her daughter. To get out of her problems, Marcia devises a plan that involves entering a dance contest in disguise, winning the top prize and pitting both men against each other.

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