D-Day, the Sixth of June

Release Date:
May 29, 1956
Running Time:
Henry Koster
Robert Taylor Capt. Brad Parker
Richard Todd Lt. Col. John Wynter
Dana Wynter Valerie Russell
Edmond O'Brien Lt. Col. Alexander Timmer
John Williams Brig. Russell
Jerry Paris Raymond Boyce
Robert Gist Dan Stenick
Richard Stapley
Ross Elliott Maj. Mills
Alex Finlayson Col. Harkens
Marie Brown Georgina
Rama Bai Mala
Dabbs Greer Cpl. Atkinson (uncredited)
Boyd ``Red'' Morgan Sgt. Tom Brooks
Queenie Leonard Corporal on Train (uncredited)
Geoffrey Steel Maj. McEwen (uncredited)
George Pelling Capt. Waller (uncredited)
Cyril Delevanti Coat Room Attendant (uncredited)
Conrad Feia Lieutenant at Party (uncredited)
Richard Aherne Grainger
Victoria Ward Mrs. Hamilton (uncredited)
Charles Brackett
Ivan Moffat, Harry Brown

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D-Day, the Sixth of June

While en route on a ship to the D-Day landings on the Normandy coast, British Lt. Col. John Wynter reminiscences about his romance with subaltern Valerie Russell, a woman he met while recovering from a war injury. Another soldier on the boat, American Capt. Brad Parker, also thinks about a woman he loves. It is revealed that Parker, too, is in a relationship with Valerie. Will either survive the bloody battle to see her again?

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