Crossing the Line

Release Date:
Aug 9, 1991
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Gary Graver
Rick Hearst Rick Kagan
Jon Stafford Zach Kapinski
Paul L. Smith Joe Kapinski
Vernon Wells Steve Sinclair
Cameron Mitchell Sheriff Williams
Colleen Morris Megan
John Saxon Jack Kagan
Simon Poland Freddie
Bart Fouche Luke
Steed Taylor Harvey
John Williams Leroy
Evan J. Klisser Josh Kapinski
Diki Lerner Zing
Cathy Jo Ross Laura Lee
Mike Manoim Big Al
James Whyle O'Rourke
Robbie Dunn Gang Member 1
Ivan Dean Gang Member 2
William Rhuppert Gang Member 3
Anthony Fridjohn Commentator
Nadia Bilchik Nurse
Jonathan Vanger , Gregory Vanger

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Crossing the Line

Daredevil teen Rick Kagan dreams of becoming a motocross racer. But his youthful ambitions are put in peril when, after a chase with the police, his best friend crashes his motor bike and sinks into a coma. Rick is overwhelmed with guilt about the accident and wonders whether he'll ever get on a bike again. While Rick's strained relationship with his father deteriorates further, the vengeful brothers of his injured friend plan to make Rick pay however they can.

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