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Chakde! - Ein unschlagbares Team

Release Date:
Aug 10, 2007
Running Time:
Shimit Amin
Shah Rukh Khan Kabir Khan
Vidya Malvade Vidya Sharma
Chitrashi Rawat Komal Chautala
Seema Azmi Rani Dispotta
Tanya Abrol Balbir Kaur
Arya Menon Gul Iqbal
Nisha Nair Soimoi Kerketa
Sandia Furtado Nethra Reddy
Masochon V. Zimik Molly Zimik
Kimi Laldawla Mary Ralte
Aditya Chopra , Yash Chopra , Aashish Singh
Jaideep Sahni

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Chakde! - Ein unschlagbares Team

After failing to score the winning goal, Kabir Khan, Captain of the Men's Hockey Team is blamed for the team's loss and fired. Years later he is given a chance to salvage his reputation, when he is offered the position as coach of the Women's Hockey Team. One of his star players, Vidya, is forced to convince her tradition-minded parents that she should be allowed to play as the team prepares for a big tournament in Australia.

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