Caterina in the Big City

Caterina Goes to Town
Release Date:
Oct 24, 2003
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Paolo Virzì
Alice Teghil Caterina Iacovoni
Sergio Castellitto Giancarlo Iacovoni
Margherita Buy Agata Iacovoni
Carolina Iaquaniello Margherita Rossi Chaillet
Federica Sbrenna Daniela Germano
Claudio Amendola Manlio Germano
Galatea Ranzi Livia, madre di Margherita
Flavio Bucci Lorenzo Rossi Chaillet
Michele Placido Himself (Special Guest)
Antonio Carnevale Cesarino
Paola Tiziana Cruciani Zia Marisa
Silvio Vannucci Fabietto Cruciani
Roberto Benigni Himself (Special Guest)
Giovanna Melandri Herself (Special Guest)
Maurizio Costanzo Himself (Special Guest)
Paolo Virzì
Paolo Virzì, Francesco Bruni

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Caterina in the Big City

Catarina moves with her father, Giancarlo, and mother, Agata, from her country town to Rome. At her high school, she finds herself in the middle of a tug-of-war between leftists, led by Margherita, and opposing rightists, led by Daniela -- and they all want to use her for their own ends. Her overbearing father gets in on the act, hoping the parents of Caterina's new friends can get his novel published.

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