Casanova Brown

Release Date:
Aug 23, 1944
Running Time:
Sam Wood
Gary Cooper Casanova ''Cass'' Brown
Teresa Wright Isabel Drury
Frank Morgan Mr. Ferris
Anita Louise Madge Ferris
Patricia Collinge Mrs. Drury
Edmond Breon Mr. Drury
Jill Esmond Dr. Zernerke
Emory Parnell Frank
Isobel Elsom Mrs. Ferris
Mary Treen Nurse Clark
Halliwell Hobbs Charles
Larry Joe Olsen Junior
Byron Foulger Fletcher
Sarah Padden Mrs. Smith
Eloise Hardt Doris Ferris
Grady Sutton Tod
Frederick Burton Rev. Dean
Robert Dudley Justice of the Peace
Florence Lake Nurse Phillips
Ann Evers Nurse Petherbridge
Frances Morris Nurse Gillespie
Lane Chandler Orderly
Dorothy Tree Nurse Clark
James Burke O'Leary
Nell Craig Miss Crampton
Nunnally Johnson

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Casanova Brown

Casanova Brown is about to marry Madge when he learns that his former wife, Isabel, has just had a baby that belongs to him, and plans to put the child up for adoption. Casanova runs out on the wedding, disguises himself as a doctor, visits the hospital where his infant daughter is being held and runs off with her to a hotel, where he does his best to care for the baby. Before long, Madge and Isabel hunt down Casanova, whom they are both furious with.

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