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Cartouche, der Bandit

Release Date:
Jul 21, 1964
Running Time:
Philippe de Broca
Jean-Paul Belmondo Louis-Dominique Bourguignon
Claudia Cardinale Vénus
Odile Versois Isabelle de Ferrussac
Jess Hahn La Douceur
Jean Rochefort La Taupe
Philippe Lemaire Gaston de Ferrussac
Marcel Dalio Malichot
Noël Roquevert Le sergent recruteur

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Cartouche, der Bandit

In 18th century France, Louis-Dominique Bourguignon is a highwayman with a sense of morality. In the course of his adventures, he rescues the beguiling Venus from her captors. Together, they form a band of thieves, preying on the rich and sharing their bounty with the poor. As Cartouche, the mysterious robber becomes a popular hero and a thorn in the side of the police, until his former criminal boss Malichot joins the side of the law.

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