Carlos Against the World

Release Date:
Sep 24, 2002
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Chiqui Carabante
Julián Villagrán Carlos
Victoria Mora Madre de Carlos (Carlos' mother)
Juanma Lara El Primo (Carlos' cousin)
Silvia Rey Carlos' girlfriend
Manolo Solo Moi
Praxedes Nieto Jesules
Fanny de Castro La tía
Agustin Maraver Nacho
Aisha Villagran Marga
Mariano Peña Abogado
Álvaro Alonso , Antonio Lobo
Chiqui Carabante

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Carlos Against the World

An irresponsible young man, Carlos, is forced into a leadership role when his father is killed in an accident. His mother wants Carlos to work with his cousin selling chintzy tourist trinkets. But Carlos would rather get suited up and pretend to work in an office instead. His scheme only functions for so long. When the bills need to be paid, he winds up stealing cars. Carlos, however, is no criminal and has to come clean.

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