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Cariboo Trail

Release Date:
Aug 1, 1950
Running Time:
Edwin L. Marin
Randolph Scott Jim Redfern
George ``Gabby'' Hayes Grizzly
Bill Williams Mike Evans
Karin Booth Francie
Victor Jory Frank Walsh
Douglas Kennedy Murphy
Jim Davis Miller
Dale Robertson Will Gray
Mary Stuart Jane Winters
James Griffith Higgins
Lee Tung Foo Ling
Charles Anthony Hughes Dr. Rhodes
Mary Kent Mrs. Winters
Ray Hyke Jones
Nat Holt
Frank Gruber

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Cariboo Trail

Though most men are concerned with prospecting gold, American ranchers Jim Redfern and Mike Evans are trying to make a fortune by leading a long line of cattle from Montana to Canada. While they are resting one night, their herd is robbed by a gang of thugs, leaving the cowboys stranded in the wilderness without their livelihood. Jim and Mike then decide to try their hands at mining gold, but before long they run into the enemy bandits again.

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