Capturing the Friedmans

Release Date:
May 30, 2003
Running Time:
Andrew Jarecki
Arnold Friedman Arnold Friedman (Father)
Elaine Friedman Elaine Friedman (Mother)
David Friedman
Seth Friedman Seth Friedman (Middle Son)
Jesse Friedman Jesse Friedman (Youngest Son)
Howard Friedman Howard Friedman (Arnold's Brother)
John McDermott Postal Inspector John McDermott
Frances Galasso Detective Frances Galasso, Ret. Director, Sex Crimes Unit
Anthony Sgueglia Detective Anthony Sgueglia, Sex Crimes Unit
Joseph Onorato Asst. District Attorney Joseph Onorato
Judd Maltin Judd Maltin, Jesse's best friend in high school
Abbey Boklan Judge Abbey Boklan
Ron Georgalis Ron Georgalis, Former computer student
Scott Banks Scott Banks, Judge Boklan's Legal Secretary
Debbie Nathan Investigative Journalist Debbie Nathan
Peter Panaro Peter Panaro, Jesse Friedman's Attorney
Lloyd Doppman Lloyd Doppman, Detective, Sex Crimes Unit
Jack Fallin Jack Fallin- Howard Friedman's partner
Andrew Jarecki , Marc Smerling

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Capturing the Friedmans

While preparing a documentary about children's birthday party entertainers, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki learned that one of his subjects, professional clown David Friedman, was the son and brother of two men who had been convicted of child sexual abuse in a high-profile 1980s criminal trial. Using home videos made by the Friedman family before and during the trial, as well as new interviews, Jarecki explores the conflicting stories of the accused, the alleged victims and the investigators.

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