Captains of the Clouds

Release Date:
Feb 21, 1942
Running Time:
Michael Curtiz
James Cagney Brian MacLean
Dennis Morgan Johnny Dutton
Brenda Marshall Emily Foster
Alan Hale Francis Patrick ''Tiny'' Murphy
George Tobias Blimp Lebec
Reginald Gardiner Scrounger Harris
Reginald Denny Commanding Officer
Russell Arms Louis ''Alabama'' Prentice
Paul Cavanagh Group Captain
Clem Bevans Sam ''Store-Teeth'' Morrison
J.M. Kerrigan Foster
J. Farrell MacDonald Dr. Neville
Patrick O'Moore Fyffe
Morton Lowry Carmichael
Hal B. Wallis

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Captains of the Clouds

Brian MacLean is an overconfident Canadian bush pilot who does not think twice before stealing any flying opportunity from his fellow pilots. But when he joins the air force at the beginning of World War II, his disregard for authority causes more problems than he can imagine. To clear his reputation, protect his friends, and win the respect of the military, Brian learns that he must act for the benefit of his country instead of himself.

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