Captain Newman, M.D.

Release Date:
Dec 25, 1963
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
David Miller
Gregory Peck Capt. Josiah J. Newman, MD
Tony Curtis Cpl. Jackson ``Jake'' Leibowitz
Bobby Darin Corporal Jim Tompkins
Angie Dickinson Lt. Francie Corum
Eddie Albert Col. Norval Algate Bliss
James Gregory Col. Edgar Pyser
Bethel Leslie Mrs. Helene Winston
Robert Duvall Capt. Paul Cabot Winston
Robert Arthur
Richard L. Breen, Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron

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Captain Newman, M.D.

Capt. Newman is a kindhearted military psychiatrist who decides whether disturbed soldiers are ready to return to combat in World War II. Of special concern to him are a war hero plagued by guilt for the death of his friend, a commander whose casualties weigh heavily on his conscience and a captain rendered catatonic after hiding in a basement in Nazi Germany for a year. While Newman tries to mend their psyches, he has ethical doubts about returning them to battle.

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