Captain Kidd

Release Date:
Nov 22, 1945
Running Time:
Rowland V. Lee
Charles Laughton Capt. William Kidd
Randolph Scott Adam Mercy/Adam Blayne
Barbara Britton Lady Anne Dunstan
Reginald Owen Cary Shadwell
John Carradine Orange Povey
Gilbert Roland Jose Lorenzo
John Qualen Bart Blivens
Sheldon Leonard Cyprian Boyle
Abner Biberman Theodore Blades
Ian Keith
William Farnum Capt. Rawson
Miles Mander
Ray Teal Michael O'Shawn
Benedict Bogeaus

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Captain Kidd

British pirate William Kidd captures Adm. Blayne's treasure ship and hides the bounty in a cave. Three years later, Kidd, posing as a sea captain, offers his services to the king as an escort ship. Seeking a social position, Kidd also negotiates for Blayne's title and lands, if he can prove Blayne was associated with piracy. On his mission, Kidd is unaware that Blayne's son, Adam (also Scott), is among the crew, determined to clear his father's name.

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