Sua Excia., A Embaixatriz

Release Date:
Mar 25, 1953
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Walter Lang
Ethel Merman Sally Adams
Donald O'Connor Kenneth Gibson
George Sanders General Cosmo Constantine
Vera-Ellen Princess Maria
Billy De Wolfe Pemberton Maxwell
Helmut Dantine Prince Hugo
Walter Slezak Augustin Tantinnin
Steven Geray Prime Minister Sebastian

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Sua Excia., A Embaixatriz

Washington appoints a small-minded social butterfly as a U.S. Ambassador in this film adaptation based on the satirical stage musical. When Sally Adams arrives in Lichtenburg, her bright personality charms everyone she meets. She slips her political obligations aside to focus on a budding romance with Cosmo Constantine, the country's foreign minister -- and at the same time, her attaché pursues a relationship with the princess.

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