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Call Her Savage

Release Date:
Nov 24, 1932
Running Time:
John Francis Dillon
Clara Bow Nasa 'Dynamite' Springer
Monroe Owsley Lawrence Crosby
Gilbert Roland Moonglow
Thelma Todd Sunny De Lane
Estelle Taylor Ruth Springer
Weldon Heyburn Ronasa
Willard Robertson Pete Springer
Anthony Jowitt Jay Randall
Fred Kohler Silas Jennings
Edwin J. Burke

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Call Her Savage

Actually the offspring of a Native American man and a white woman, tempestuous Texas heiress Nasa Springer grows up believing her father to be Pete Springer, a railroad tycoon. When her dad ships his emotionally troubled daughter off to a girls' school in Chicago, and later arranges a marriage for Nasa, she defies him by wedding a drunken cad . After the marriage crumbles and she turns up pregnant, Nasa's life spirals out of control.

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