Amarga Condena

Release Date:
May 19, 1950
Running Time:
John Cromwell
Eleanor Parker Marie Allen
Agnes Moorehead Ruth Benton
Hope Emerson Evelyn Harper
Ellen Corby Emma Barber
Betty Garde Kitty Stark
Jan Sterling Smoochie
Lee Patrick Elvira Powell
Jane Darwell Isolation Matron
Gertrude Michael Georgia Harrison
Joan Miller Claire (uncredited)
Marjorie Crossland Cossie (uncredited)
Gertrude Hoffman Millie (uncredited)
Lynn Sherman Ann (uncredited)
Queenie Smith Mrs. Warren (uncredited)
Naomi Robison Hattie (uncredited)
Esther Howard Grace (uncredited)
Marlo Dwyer Julie (uncredited)
Wanda Tynan Meta (uncredited)
Peggy Wynne Lottie (uncredited)
Ann Tyrrell Edna (uncredited)
Frances Morris Mrs. Foley (uncredited)
Edith Evanson Miss Barker (uncredited)
Yvonne Rob Elaine (uncredited)
Eileen Stevens Infirmary Nurse (uncredited)
June Whipple Ada (uncredited)
Sandra Gould Skip (uncredited)
Grace Hayes Mugging Matron (uncredited)
Taylor Holmes Senator Donnolly (uncredited)
Jerry Wald
Virginia Kellogg, Bernard C. Schoenfeld

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Amarga Condena

Pregnant nineteen-year old Marie Allen is sentenced to prison as an accessory to robbery. The warden, Ruth Benton, dedicated to reforming even the most hardened of the prisoners, deals fairly with Marie, even upon learning of her condition. The naïve Marie comes up against tough block matron Evelyn Harper and must decide whether accepting the friendship of the toughest prisoners will rub off on her and affect the future of her unborn child.

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