Caesar and Cleopatra

Release Date:
Sep 6, 1946
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Gabriel Pascal
Vivien Leigh Cleopatra
Claude Rains Julius Caesar
Stewart Granger Apollodorus
Flora Robson Ftatateeta
Francis L. Sullivan Pothinus
Basil Sydney Rufio
Cecil Parker Britannus
Raymond Lovell Lucius Septimus
Anthony Eustrel Achillas
Ernest Thesiger Theodotus
Anthony Harvey Ptolemy
Renee Asherson Iras
Olga Edwardes Cleopatra's Lady Attendant
Stanley Holloway Belzanor
Michael Rennie Quayside Centurion
James McKechnie Second Centurion
Esme Percy Major Domo
Leo Genn Bel Affris
Alan Wheatley Persian
Anthony Holles Boatman
Charles Victor First Porter
Ronald Shiner Second Porter
John Bryning Sentinel
Felix Aylmer First Nobleman
Ivor Barnard Second Nobleman
Valentine Dyall First Guardsman
Charles Deane Second Guardsman
Gabriel Pascal

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Caesar and Cleopatra

The Roman conqueror Julius Caesar takes over the Egyptian city of Alexandria, and in so doing inherits a pressing problem: in accordance to with local custom, the beautiful young princess Cleopatra and her even younger brother Ptolemy have been married and are to rule the country together, despite their competing desires to rule alone. Caesar takes Cleopatra under his wing, mentoring her in the uses of political power.

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