Cabaret Balkan

Bure Baruta
The Powder Keg
Release Date:
Jul 23, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Goran Paskaljevic
Miki Manojlovic Mane (Michael), the Homecoming Man
Nebojsa Glogovac The Chain-Smoking Taxi Driver
Ana Sofrenovic The Desperate Young Woman on the Train
Dragan Nikolic John's Boxer Friend
Lazar Ristovski The Boxer Who Takes the Train
Velimir `Bata' Zivojinovic The Bosnian Serb Father, the Bus Driver
Nebojsa Milovanovic The Bosnian Serb Son Who Doesn't Want to End Up Like His Father
Mirjana Jokovic Ana, the 'Flirt' on the Bus, George's Girlfriend
Sergej Trifunovic The Young Man Chewing Gum Who Takes the Bus Hostage
Milena Dravic The Lady on the Bus with the Hat and Fox Stole
Toni Mihajlovski George, the Eternal Culprit, Ana's Boyfriend
Vojislav Brajovic Topi, the Ex-Student Revolutionary Trafficker
Nikola Ristanovski Boris, the Esoteric Cabaret Artist
Predrag Jakovljevic , Slobodan Pavicevic , Dejan Vrazalic
Dejan Dukovski, Goran Paskaljevic, Filip David, Zoran Andric

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Cabaret Balkan

On a harsh winter night in Belgrade, Serbia, an ex-con working as a taxi driver has a series of bizarre encounters with tragic passengers from all walks of life, each a part of a patchwork of stories. Elsewhere, Ana survives a bus hijacking, only to find herself caught between a drug dealer and an angry boyfriend. And on the other side of town, passionate showman Boris struggles to entertain a tough crowd in a smoky cabaret.

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