Buffalo Soldiers

Release Date:
Jul 25, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Gregor Jordan
Joaquin Phoenix Ray Elwood
Ed Harris Col. Wallace Berman
Scott Glenn Sgt. Robert Lee
Anna Paquin Robyn Lee
Gabriel Mann Knoll
Leon Robinson Stoney
Glenn Fitzgerald Hicks
Dean Stockwell General Lancaster
Elizabeth McGovern Mrs. Berman
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Buffalo Soldiers

Set on an American Army base in 1989, as the Berlin Wall is about to fall, ``Buffalo Soldiers'' takes a satiric look as these men steal, drink, fight, and make, take, and sell drugs. Elwood is the brains behind the operation, easily duping his superior and sleeping with his wife. But with the arrival of the new sergeant, everything changes. The sergeant cracks down; Elwood retaliates by dating his daughter and attempting a big weapons-for-drugs deal.

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