Brief Encounter

Release Date:
Nov 26, 1945
Running Time:
David Lean
Celia Johnson Laura Jesson
Trevor Howard Dr. Alec Harvey
Stanley Holloway Albert Godby
Cyril Raymond Fred Jesson
Joyce Carey Myrtle Bagot
Everley Gregg Dolly Messiter
Marjorie Mars Mary Norton
Margaret Barton Beryl Walters, Tea Room Assistant
Dennis Harkin Stanley, Beryl's Man (uncredited)
Valentine Dyall Stephen Lynn, Alec's ``Friend'' (uncredited)
Nuna Davey Herminie Rolandson, Mary's Cousin (uncredited)
Wilfred Babbage Policeman at War Memorial (uncredited)
Irene Handl Cellist and Organist (uncredited)
Edward Hodge Bill, First Soldier (uncredited)
Sydney Bromley Johnnie, Second Soldier (uncredited)
Avis Scott Cardova Waitress (uncredited)
Henrietta Vincent Margaret Jesson (uncredited)
Richard Thomas Bobbie Jesson (uncredited)
George V. Sheldon Clergyman, Train Passenger (uncredited)
Wally Bosco Doctor at Bobbie's Accident (uncredited)
Jack May Boat Rental Man (uncredited)
Noel Coward , Anthony Havelock-Allan , Ronald Neame
Noel Coward, Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, Ronald Neame

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Brief Encounter

Returning home from a shopping trip to a nearby town, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson is thrown by happenstance into an acquaintance with virtuous doctor Alec Harvey . Their casual friendship soon develops during their weekly visits into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they must wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love.

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