Blast From the Past

Release Date:
Jan 27, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Hugh Wilson
Brendan Fraser Adam Webber
Alicia Silverstone Eve Rustikoff
Christopher Walken Calvin Webber
Sissy Spacek Helen Thomas Webber
Dave Foley Troy
Joey Slotnick Soda Jerk/Archbishop Melker
Dale Raoul Mom
Scott Thomson Young Psycho
Deborah Kellner Miss 'Sweet', at Club 40
Hayden Tank Adam, Age 3 1/2
Douglas Smith Adam, Age 11
Ryan Sparks Adam, Age 8
Don Yesso Jerry
Ted Kairys Wolf One, Navy F86 Pilot
Rex Linn Dave
Cynthia Mace Betty
Harry S. Murphy Bob
Wendel Meldurm Ruth
Richard Gilbert-Hill Guest
Steve Bean Harold
Ann Ryerson Woman Guest #1
Donovan Scott Ron
Hugh Wilson Levy
John Roselius Atkinson
Bill Gratton Eve's Boss at Collectables Store
Bill Duffy Workman #1
Bill Stevenson Workman #2
J. Bruce Eckert Realtor
Karen Geraghty Woman Buyer
Christopher Holloway Man Buyer
Carmen Moré Sophie
Renny Harlin , Mary Kane , Sunil Perkash , Claire Rudnick Polstein , Amanda Stern , Hugh Wilson
Bill Kelly, Hugh Wilson

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Blast From the Past

Adam Webber has lived his entire life in confinement in a fallout shelter in Pasadena, Calif. When the Webber family's rations of food and supplies grow thin, Adam's eccentric father, Calvin, sends him on a dangerous restocking mission. When Adam emerges from the Webber family's subterranean refuge for the first time, he finds that rumors of a nuclear apocalypse were totally false -- and meets gorgeous Eve Rustikov .

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