Bitter Victory

Release Date:
Jan 17, 1958
Running Time:
Nicholas Ray
Richard Burton Capt. Leith
Curt Jurgens Maj. David Brand
Ruth Roman Jane Brand
Raymond Pellegrin Mekrane
Anthony Bushell Gen. R.S. Patterson
Alfred Burke Lt. Col. Michael Callander
Christopher Lee Sgt. Barney
Sean Kelly Lt. Barton
Nigel Green Pvt. Wilkins
Harry Landis Pvt. Browning
Paul Graetz , Robert Laffont

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Bitter Victory

British Capt. Leith knows the Libyan Desert like the back of his hand, but Maj. Brand, who's unfamiliar with the terrain, is chosen to lead a campaign through the area because of his prestigious military credentials. During the mission, tensions build between Leith and Brand, and the latter reveals himself to be a poor fit for the dangerous operation. The power struggle between the officers is only intensified when Brand learns that his wife once loved Leith.

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