Billy the Kid

Release Date:
May 30, 1941
Running Time:
David Miller
Robert Taylor Billy Bonney
Brian Donlevy Jim Sherwood
Ian Hunter Eric Keating
Mary Howard Edith Keating
Gene Lockhart Dan Hickey
Lon Chaney Jr. ''Spike'' Hudson
Henry O'Neill Tim Ward
Guinn Williams Ed Bronson
Cy Kendall Cass McAndrews
Ted Adams ''Buz'' Cobb
Frank Conlan Judge Blake
Frank Puglia Pedro Gonzales
Mitchell Lewis Bart Hodges
Dick Curtis Kirby Claxton
Grant Withers Ed Shanahan
Joe Yule Milton
Earl Gunn Jesse Martin
Eddie Dunn Pat Shanahan
Carl Pitti ''Bat'' Smithers
Kermit Maynard Thad Decker
Ethel Griffies Mrs. Hanky
Chill Wills Tom Patterson
Olive Blakeney Mrs. Patterson
Irving Asher
Dorothy Kingsley

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Billy the Kid

The story of the notorious outlaw William ``Billy the Kid'' Bonney. Billy joins a group of outlaws in a South West town when he meets old friend Jim Sherwood, now the town's marshal. He tries to change his ways but when a friend is murdered he falls back into the life of a bandit.

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