Beautiful Creatures

Release Date:
Feb 14, 2013
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Richard LaGravenese
Alden Ehrenreich Ethan Wate
Alice Englert Lena Duchannes
Jeremy Irons Macon Ravenwood
Viola Davis Amma
Emmy Rossum Ridley Duchannes
Thomas Mann Link
Emma Thompson Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine
Eileen Atkins Gramma
Margo Martindale Aunt Del
Zoey Deutch Emily Asher
Tiffany Boone Savannah Snow
Rachel Brosnahan Genevieve Duchannes
Kyle Gallner Larkin Ravenwood
Pruitt Taylor Vince Mr. Lee
Robin Skye Mrs. Hester
Randy Redd Rev. Stephens
Erwin Stoff , Andrew A. Kosove , Broderick Johnson , Molly Mickler Smith , David Valdes , Yolanda T. Cochran
Richard LaGravenese
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Beautiful Creatures

In the small town of Gatlin, S.C., teenage Ethan Wate sees his static world shaken by the arrival of Lena Duchannes, the niece of town patriarch Macon Ravenwood . Immediately, Ethan feels drawn to Lena, even though destruction seems to surround her, and she has supernatural powers that are beyond her control. Worse still, a curse looms for Lena at the approach of her 16th birthday -- a time when the forces of either light or dark will claim her.

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