Bean: L'Ultime film catastrophe

Release Date:
Oct 17, 1997
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Mel Smith
Rowan Atkinson Mr. Bean
Peter MacNicol David Langley
Pamela Reed Alison Langley
Harris Yulin George Grierson
Burt Reynolds General Newton
Larry Drake Elmer
Johnny Galecki Stingo Wheelie
John Mills Chairman
Richard Gant Lieutenant Brutus
Tricia Vessey Jennifer Langley
Andrew Lawrence Kevin Langley
Priscilla Shanks Sylvia Grierson
Peter Egan Lord Walton
Peter Capaldi Gareth
Tom McGowan Walter Merchandise
Sandra Oh Bernice Schimmel
Danny Goldring Security Buck
Rowan Atkinson , Richard Curtis , Eric Fellner , Peter Bennett-Jones , Tim Bevan
Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis

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Bean: L'Ultime film catastrophe

At the Royal National Gallery in London, the bumbling Mr. Bean is a guard with good intentions who always seems to destroy anything he touches. Unless, of course, he's sleeping on the job. With the chairman blocking Bean's firing, the board decides to send him to a Los Angeles art gallery under false credentials. When Bean arrives, his chaos-causing ways are as sharp as ever, and curator David Langley has the unenviable task of keeping Bean in line.

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