Be Cool - O Outro Nome do Jogo

Release Date:
Mar 4, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
F. Gary Gray
John Travolta Chili Palmer
Uma Thurman Edie Athens
Vince Vaughn Raji
Cedric the Entertainer Sinclair ``Sin'' Russell
André Benjamin Dabu
Steven Tyler Himself
Robert Pastorelli Joe Loop
Christina Milian Linda Moon
Paul Adelstein Hy Gordon
Debi Mazar Marla
GregAlan Williams Darryl
Harvey Keitel Nicki Carr
The Rock Elliot Wilhelm
Danny DeVito Martin Weir
James Woods Tommy Athens
James Gandolfini Bear
Danny DeVito , Michael Shamberg , Stacey Sher , David Nicksay
Peter Steinfeld
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Be Cool - O Outro Nome do Jogo

Having made the transition from gangster to movie producer, Chili Palmer is ready for the next big move. Setting his sights on the music industry, Palmer enters a precarious business that has more than just temperamental musicians: Russian mobsters, rival producers and hit men are out to bring him down. From witnessing the murder of his friend to romancing a music executive's widow, it seems as though it might all fall apart, but Palmer has his ways.

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