O Preço da Glória

Release Date:
Jan 20, 1950
Running Time:
William Wellman
Van Johnson Holley
John Hodiak Jarvess
Ricardo Montalban Roderigues
George Murphy ''Pop'' Stazak
Marshall Thompson Jim Layton
Jerome Courtland Abner Spudler
Don Taylor Standiferd
Bruce Cowling Wolowicz
James Whitmore Kinnie
Douglas Fowley ''Kipp'' Kippton
Leon Ames The Chaplain
Guy Anderson Hansan
Thomas E. Breen Doc
Denise Darcel Denise
Richard Jaeckel Bettis
Scotty Beckett William J. Hooper
Brett King Lt. Teiss
Ian MacDonald Army Colonel (uncredited)
Dore Schary

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O Preço da Glória

Members of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division are fighting for their country amidst the rugged terrain of Bastogne, Belgium, in December 1944. Holley and his American compatriots have already seen one of their own, Roderigues, perish under enemy fire. The men try to rebuff another series of Nazi attacks, but what they really need is a change in the weather. Without clear skies, they'll never get the air support they need.

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