Battle of the Bulge

Release Date:
Dec 16, 1965
Running Time:
Ken Annakin
Henry Fonda Lt. Col. Dan Kiley
Robert Shaw Col. Hessler
Robert Ryan Gen. Joe Grey
Dana Andrews Col. Pritchard
George Montgomery Sgt. Duquesne
Ty Hardin Schumacher
Pier Angeli Louise
Barbara Werle Elena
Charles Bronson Maj. Wolenski
Werner Peters Gen. Kohler
Hans Christian Blech Conrad
James MacArthur Lt. Weaver
Telly Savalas Sgt. Guffy
Karl Otto Alberty Von Diepel
William Conrad
Milton Sperling , Philip Yordan , Dino De Laurentiis , Sidney Harmon
John Melson, Milton Sperling, Philip Yordan

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Battle of the Bulge

American Lt. Col. Dan Kiley, a military intelligence whiz, discovers that the Nazis are planning to attack Allied forces near Belgium. Certain that the exhausted enemy can't muster much force, Gen. Joe Grey isn't convinced by Kiley's findings, and his men pay the price when the German tanks begin their offensive. In the heat of this key World War II battle, Kiley must come up with a plan when it becomes clear that the Nazis are trying to steal fuel from the Allies.

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