Legend of the Village Warriors

Legend of the Village Warriors
Release Date:
Dec 29, 2000
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Historical Drama,War
Tanit Jitnukul
Winai Krailbutr Nai In
Bin Bunluerit Nai Thongmen
Jaran Ngamdee Nai Jan
Chumphorn Thepphithak Nai Than
Attakorn Suwannaraj Nai Muang
Bongkoj Khongmalai E Sa
Suntharee Maila-or Taeng-Onn
Phutharit Prombandal Phan Ruang
Phisate Sangsuwan Nemeao Seehabodee
Krit Suwannapaph Commander Suki
Mattawut Suwannarat

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Legend of the Village Warriors

In 1765, under the command of the new Burmese king, an army of warriors sets out to attack Ayutthaya, the previous capital of Thailand. However, while en route, the army faces a challenge they'd never anticipated in the village of Bang Rajan, where men and women take up arms against the invaders. Nai Than emerges as the leader in battle, but after he's injured, Nai Jan steps up to take control, while the other villagers contribute to the effort.

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