Bad Lieutenant

Release Date:
Nov 20, 1992
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Abel Ferrara
Harvey Keitel The Lieutenant
Frankie Thorn The Nun
Zoƫ Lund Zoe
Anthony Ruggiero Lite
Eddie Daniels Jersey Girl (driver)
Bianca Bakija Jersey Girl - Passenger
Vickie Bastel Bowtay
Robin Burrows Ariane
Victor Argo Bet Cop
Paul Hipp Jesus
Fernando Velez Julio
Michael N. Ciravolo Detective Michael
Patrick Wachsberger , Ronna B. Wallace , Edward R. Pressman , Mary Kane
Abel Ferrara

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Bad Lieutenant

The Lieutenant is a corrupt cop steeped in gambling debt who exploits his authority to sexually harass teenage girls, embezzle money and abuse drugs. His troubles come to a head when a mob lackey delivers an ultimatum: pay off his debt, or else. His fate appears sealed. But when The Lieutenant learns that a $50,000 reward is being offered to whoever catches a pair of thugs who raped a nun, he jumps at the opportunity, hoping that he can still redeem himself.

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