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Un Soltero en Paraíso

Release Date:
Nov 1, 1961
Running Time:
Jack Arnold
Bob Hope Adam J. Niles
Lana Turner Rosemary Howard
Janis Paige Dolores Jynson
Jim Hutton Larry Delavane
Paula Prentiss Linda Delavane
Don Porter Thomas W. Jynson
Virginia Grey Camille Quinlaw
Agnes Moorehead Judge Peterson
Florence Sundstrom Mrs. Pickering
Clinton Sundberg Rodney Jones
John McGiver Austin Palfrey
Alan Hewitt Attorney Backett
Reta Shaw Mrs. Brown
Ted Richmond
Valentine Davies, Hal Kanter

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Un Soltero en Paraíso

Author A. J. Niles writes about the romance and excitement in the life of a bachelor in a series called ``Bachelor Books''. One day he finds himself in dire financial straits and needs to write a new book in record time. His publishing house decides to send him to the suburbs, and his new book is to be set amongst the lonely housewives of Paradise Cove.

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