Carita de Ángel

Release Date:
Jul 1, 1933
Running Time:
Alfred E. Green
Barbara Stanwyck Lily Powers
George Brent Courtland Trenholm
Donald Cook Ned Stevens
Arthur Hohl Ed Sipple
John Wayne Jimmy McCoy Jr.
Henry Kolker J.P. Carter
Margaret Lindsay Ann Carter
Douglas Dumbrille Brody
Theresa Harris Chico
Alphonse Ethier Adolf Cragg
James Murray Brakeman (uncredited)
Robert Barrat Nick Powers
Renee Whitney Office worker (uncredited)
Nat Pendleton Stolvich (laborer) (uncredited)
Harry Gribbon Doorman (uncredited)
Arthur DeKuh Lutza (uncredited)
Raymond Griffith
Darryl F. Zanuck, Gene Markey, Kathryn Scola

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Carita de Ángel

This film follows the sexual escapades of Lily Powers, the beautiful daughter of a speakeasy owner. Lily's dreary life in Pennsylvania takes a sudden turn when her father is killed in an accident. Unmoved by her father's death, Lily, along with friend Chico, jumps on a freight train and seduces a worker to avoid being arrested. Now in New York City, Lily uses her beauty and sexual prowess to seduce a string of successful men as she works her way to the top.

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