Babes on Broadway

Release Date:
Dec 31, 1941
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Busby Berkeley
Mickey Rooney Tommy ``Tom'' Williams
Judy Garland Penny Morris
Fay Bainter Miss ``Jonesy'' Jones
Virginia Weidler Barbara Josephine ``Jo'' Conway
Ray McDonald Ray Lambert
Richard Quine Morton ``Hammy'' Hammond
Donald Meek Mr. Stone
Alexander Woollcott Himself
Luis Alberni Nick
James Gleason Thornton Reed
Emma Dunn Mrs. Williams
Frederick Burton Mr. Theodore Morris
Cliff Clark Inspector Moriarity
William Post Jr. Woollcott's Announcer
Dick Baron Butch
William A. Lee Shorty
Donna Reed Jonesy's Secretary
Arthur Freed
Fred F. Finklehoffe, Elaine Ryan

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Babes on Broadway

The third installment in the ''Backyard Musical'' trilogy, ''Babes on Broadway'' follows restaurant singer Tommy Williams on his quest to make it to Broadway. Penny Morris, also a singer, teams up with Tommy to produce a show that will benefit orphaned children. What Penny doesn't know is that Tommy is actually the only one who will benefit from the show. Tommy struggles to maintain his friendships and his morals as he strives for fame and fortune in the big city.

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