Babes in Toyland

Release Date:
Dec 14, 1961
Running Time:
Jack Donohue
Ray Bolger Barnaby
Tommy Sands Tom Piper
Annette Mary Contrary
Ed Wynn Toymaker
Tommy Kirk Grumio
Kevin Corcoran Boy Blue
Henry Calvin Gonzorgo
Gene Sheldon Roderigo
Mary McCarty Mother Goose
Ann Jillian Bo Peep
Brian Corcoran Willie Winkie
Jerry Glenn Simple Simon (uncredited)
John Perri Jack-be-Nimble (uncredited)
David Pinson Bobby Shaftoe (uncredited)
Bryan Russell The Little Boy (uncredited)
James Martin Jack (uncredited)
Ilana Dowding Jill (uncredited)
Melanie Arnold Twin (uncredited)
Marilee Arnold Twin (uncredited)
Walt Disney
Ward Kimball, Joe Rinaldi, Lowell S. Hawley

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Babes in Toyland

Mary Contrary is set to marry Tom Piper when he is kidnapped by Roderigo and Gonzorgo, two goons working for the evil Barnaby . Barnaby wants to marry Mary for her inheritance. Instead of killing Tom as instructed, Roderigo and Gonzorgo sell him to Gypsies, which allows Tom to rescue Mary. Soon afterward, Tom and Mary encounter the odd Toymaker, who becomes a pawn in Barnaby's new scheme.

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